PHI® Active Air Purification For Mould


PHI® Active Air Purification: Scientifically proven up to 99% effective against mould spores  

Australia’s warm and humid climate, coupled with unusually wet conditions and recurrent record-breaking floods, have created a perfect storm for MOULD in many parts of Australia.

Thankfully, the PHI® Active Air Purification technology developed by RGF has been scientifically proven to eliminate up to 99% of mould spores in the air and on surfaces.

Whilst it is not a cleaning solution for existing mould, it is highly effective at preventing the spread of mould by eliminating and inactivating the mould spores in the air and on surfaces before they can spread, therefore limiting further mould growth in high risk areas.


Mould in the home or workplace presents a serious health risk

Mould grows in wet or moist areas that lack adequate ventilation and/or sunlight. This can include inside walls, ceilings, tiles, carpets, insulation and on wood and other surfaces.

Mould produces tiny particles called spores which are carried and spread via the air, causing potentially serious health problems if inhaled.

Health risks of mould exposure include runny or blocked nose, eye and skin irritation or in some cases, severe lung infections. For the 11% of Aussies with asthma, inhaling mould spores can trigger an asthma attack.

Safework NSW advises that if mould is present in a workplace, it requires immediate attention and action, regardless of the severity of any reactions workers may experience.


So how does PHI Active Air Purification work?

Most other air purification systems are either PASSIVE (meaning they wait for the pollutants to find the filter) or simply INEFFECTIVE at meaningfully reducing airborne threats.

PHI Active Air Purification uses UV or LED light reacting with a catalyst to create low levels of hydrogen peroxide in the air (a well-known and highly effective cleaning agent).

These 100% safe H2O2 air cleaning agents circulate through the treated space, actively seeking and destroying mould spores as soon as they’re introduced. They are also effective against a range of viruses, bacteria, VOC’S (chemicals), odours, smoke and other toxins – including COVID-19.

The cleaning agents then land on surfaces, effectively sanitising those as well! 

Retrofittable to any existing commercial HVAC unit or split system AC.

With a range of in-duct and standalone devices suitable for everything from high-volume AHU’s to individual split system air conditioning units, there is a PHI Air Purifier to suit almost any application.

Expertly designed and manufactured by RGF in the USA – a world leader in air purification – you can rest assured that PHI Active Air Purification technology is backed by independent scientific evidence and rigorous testing.

Let’s get your mould issue under control.

Don’t waste your time and money on inferior and ineffective solutions to stop mould. Talk to our expert team today about how active air purifiers can kill mould spores and stop mould for good.

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