Case Study: ACT Education Directorate

Schools choose air purifying fans for heating, cooling & COVID-free learning areas

In an Australian first, the ACT Education Directorate installed high-tech air purifying Airius PureAir fans across a number of public schools, offering the triple benefit of air movement for cooling, destratification for heating and a patented PHI-CELL® for ACTIVE air purification.

The air purification technology has proven effective against the COVID virus, offering much-needed protection for students and staff facing the ongoing high risk of COVID transmission in classrooms.

“We want every ACT public school student and staff member to thrive, and that is why we will continue to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our school communities.”


The Challenge

The ACT Education team needed a high quality, reliable and easy to install air purification solution to help protect students from airborne threats and minimise ongoing maintenance costs.

The indoor sports / assembly halls needed a solution not impacted by existing lights, vents and structural beams, that would be cost effective to operate and support the HVAC systems in maintaining thermal comfort.

The Solution

The Airius PureAir PHI® “Air Pear” fans were the ideal option for the schools needs, offering:

➜ ACTIVE air purification with the built-in PHI-CELL®
➜ Destratification (distribution of heated air), optimising existing HVAC systems
➜ Powerful cooling air movement for warmer days, reducing HVAC cooling costs

Supplied by The Clean Air Company and installed by King Air, this patented ACTIVE air purification technology produces low levels of airborne gaseous hydrogen peroxide which is distributed by the fan unit throughout the air-conditioned space, creating a “seek-and-destroy” air cleaning effect.

Independent tests on RGF’s PHI® technology has shown it to be 100% safe, and effective at neutralising the germs from a sneeze before they can travel one metre, making it undoubtedly one of the best air purification solutions in the market.

It’s time to improve your indoor air quality.

Air purification is the answer to getting back to normality as we learn to co-exist with COVID. Talk to us about installing the world’s best-selling air purification technology in your home, business or facility.