Lucidium® CUV


Lucidium® CUV for commercial HVAC coil disinfection

Our Lucidium® CUV systems are “specified solutions” for preventing mould and microbial growth on the air conditioning coils, customised to your HVAC system.

Systems can also be specified to target and deactivate airborne microbes that may be recirculated by the air conditioning system.

Manufactured in the USA by RGF Environmental Group, world-leaders in innovative solutions for commercial indoor air quality.

Lucidium® CUV offers an efficient, reliable HVAC coil disinfection solution for commercial buildings. Lucidium® CUV systems utilise proven germicidal UV-C technology with customised site-specific designs incorporating flexible, high quality and installation friendly components, clearly positioning RGF as the leader in HVAC coil maintenance and disinfection.

Designed and manufactured in America by RGF to the highest quality standards

Achieving sustainability goals in a commercial building is often significantly impacted by HVAC energy consumption, leading to increased operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Actively disinfecting and maintaining your buildings HVAC coils continuously with RGF’s Lucidum® CUV coil systems can result in as much as 20% less energy consumption by the HVAC system.

Active UV-C coil disinfection significantly reduces routine chemical cleaning and provides better indoor air quality through continual inactivation of microbes, in particular moulds and bacteria that form on the HVAC coils, providing a safer, healthier environment, increased occupant productivity and a tangible return on capital investment. An additional benefit, according to a 2020 MIT study, is commercial buildings using UV-C, creating better indoor air quality received 4-7% higher rental rates than competing properties.

Combining our commercial PHI active air purification systems with Lucidium® CUV coil disinfection offers a unique, robust total Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution.

Single and Multi-Lamp Systems – From the NEMA 4X power supply to the largest selection of quick release lamps available, RGF’s systems are designed from the ground up for ease of installation. All of RGF’s lamps feature our exclusive quick-release design, requiring no tools for lamp installation or replacement.

Flex-Rack™ – RGF’s Flex-Rack provides a complete system for fast installation of large and small projects. Our system uses readily available materials and provides all the connectors and components required to install our designed solutions.

Accessories – RGF provides all of the “al a carte” accessories needed for a successful and safe installation including reflectors, lockout switches, custom power cables, magnetic “quick” mounts, shatter proof coverings and more.

Our Lucidium® CUV systems are “specified solutions”, meaning each installation is customised for your specific HVAC system by our in-house engineers.

Plus, all Lucidium UV-C lamps, controls and accessories are built in RGF’s ISO 9001 quality certified production facility in the USA – so you can rest assured they are of the highest quality.


  • Reduces HVAC energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Custom “specified solution” designed to your needs
  • Flexible options for fast & easy installation
  • Suitable for commercial HVAC coils
  • Silent & continuous operation
  • Combine with our ACTIVE air purification for a complete IAQ solution
  • 1 year warranty
Model No. CUV18 CUV24 CUV30 CUV36 CUV42 CUV48 CUV54 CUV60
Technology UV-C Light
Lamp Service Period 2 years (17,500 hours)
Replacement Lamp Part No. CUV18 CUV24 CUV30 CUV36 CUV42 CUV48 CUV54 CUV60
Length (mm) 458 610 762 915 1067 1220 1372 1524
UV-C Watts 48 55 70 84 100 112 124 136
μW/cm2 at 1 meter 100 130 190 250 290 330 370 425
Transformer Electrical Input 110-270VAC 50/60Hz
Lamp Warranty 2 Years (17,500 hours)
Power Supply Warranty 1 Year
Operation Designed for constant operation independent of HVAC
Installation Installation of the lamps can be either mechanical, or magnetic mounted. Power supply is mechanically mounted. Wire for contant operation.


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