Case Study: The Langham, Melbourne

Australia’s first clean air hotel

In the face of a global pandemic and unprecedented national and international border closures, the travel and tourism industry was one of the hardest hit.

After enduring two years of lockdowns, the 5-Star Langham in Melbourne became an industry pioneer, as the first Australian hotel to install revolutionary active air purification technology across their guest rooms, restaurants/bars and other key areas.

“The health of all our guests and colleagues remains, as always, our top priority.”


The Challenge

As a 24 floor, 388 room, 5-star hotel, The Langham Melbourne needed to find a way to combat the highly contagious, airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus and reinstate consumer confidence to travel and stay safely.

With a virus that had already proven it could spread via indoor ventilation systems, despite the presence of traditional air filters (like HEPA), this challenge required a new, more effective solution to ensure guest and staff safety and a return to a “new normal”.

The Solution

Using 2 x RGF® PHI-CML™ Commercial air purification units and 18 x RGF® Guardian Air QR+ units, The Langham Melbourne now offers clean, purified air throughout their guest rooms, guest room corridors, public areas, restaurants/bars and key back-of-house areas, which not only reduces COVID transmission but eliminates mould spores, bacteria, allergens, dust, odours and VOC’s (chemicals) in the air.

Supplied by The Clean Air Company and installed by Pro Air Systems, this patented ACTIVE air purification technology produces low levels of airborne gaseous hydrogen peroxide which is distributed by the HVAC system throughout the air-conditioned space, creating a “seek-and-destroy” air cleaning effect.

Independent tests on RGF’s PHI® technology has shown it to be 100% safe, and effective at neutralising the germs from a sneeze before they can travel one metre, making it undoubtedly one of the best air purification solutions in the market.

It’s time to improve your indoor air quality.

Air purification is the answer to getting back to normality as we learn to co-exist with COVID. Talk to us about installing the world’s best-selling air purification technology in your home, business or facility.