Most air purifiers won’t stop COVID spreading in a classroom… but these ones will

Dec 5, 2022 | Commercial, COVID-19, Education

If you work in education, there’s a good chance you vividly remember the challenges you faced at the height of the last COVID wave – staff shortages, high student absence rates, endlessly sending out those notices about confirmed cases and possible exposure…

There are loads of air purifiers in the market now that claim to be effective against the COVID virus, but most of them are PASSIVE – meaning they “purify” the air via a filter in the device. The air passes through the filter and is sanitised. Sure their filters may well kill COVID, however there is one massive problem…

If the device is in one corner of the room, and sick little Suzie is on the other side of the room, her contagious airborne germs have to travel all the way across the room – past all the other students and teacher – before they reach the device, pass through the filter and are deactivated.

By then, it is TOO LATE – everyone has already been exposed.

The Solution: Active Air Purifiers

ACTIVE air purifiers are a far more effective technology. They mimic the way nature purifies the air outdoors by generating millions of tiny air cleaning agents in the treated space, which circulate in the air actively “seeking-and-destroying” threats the instant they are introduced… BEFORE they can infect anyone else!

This patented technology, called PHI® (Photohydroionization) has been scientifically proven to deactivate the germs from a sneeze before they can travel one metre!

When you think about the fact that sneezes are so powerful they can create upwards of 100,000 droplets travelling at over 160km/hr, that’s pretty impressive (and gross!).

Plus, PHI air purifiers are not just effective against the COVID virus – they have been scientifically shown to be effective against a large range of viruses, bacteria, mould spores, odours, VOC’s (chemical gases), smoke, dust, dander, pollen and a heap of other airborne threats and allergens.

Not worried about COVID?

Active air purifier technology is just as effective as neutralising the airborne germs from the common cold and flu, the potentially harmful chemical smells from cleaning agents or the stench of sweaty children after a bout in the playground at lunchtime.

The airborne cleaning particles also land on surfaces in the treated space, effectively sanitising those too!

With devices that easily retrofit to any existing split system air conditioner, ducted AC system, portable standalone options or integrated into a high-powered commercial fan, these devices are already gaining massive attention amongst savvy schools, universities and other facility managers.

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